Fimography — Lisa blatter

Skizzen von Lou (Sketches of Lou) 
fiction, appr. 80’ , script, director

Heimatland (Wonderland) 
omnibus film, 99’ , director (one episode)

Nachglühen (Afterglow) 
fiction, 15’; script, director

Traurige Jungs tanzen, wenn niemand hinsieht
(Sad boys dance when no one’s watching)
fiction, 16’; script, co-director

Hotel 7.4 
fiction, 9’, script, director

A normal dog and shit like that
fiction, 16’; script, co-director

fiction, 4’; script, co-director

Lisa Blatter (1979) was born as the daughter of the author Silvio Blatter and the artist Mona Blatter in Heide (D) and grew up in Zurich. She attended High School in Stadelhofen and worked part-time as a journalist for TA-Media and Ringier. Again and again she spent several months on journeys. The roadtrips led her across the USA, to Japan and the Balkans. She learned the craft of filmmaking at the ZhdK, where she studied from 2002 to 2008. The short films, TRAURIGE JUNGS TANZEN, WENN NIEMAND HINSIEHT and NACHGLÜHEN which were produced during her studies, were shown successfully at numerous festivals, the latter was also shown at the LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL 2008. NACHGLÜHEN was nominated for the German Junior Award by First Steps in 2008. In cooperation with Jan Gassmann and Julia Tal, she founded the production company 2:1 Film GmbH in 2010. The omnibus film HEIMATLAND in which Lisa took part as a director, premiered at the LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL 2015 and is currently distributed in Swiss and French cinemas.